Reduce Home Humidity While on Vacation in Ocean City, MD

Living space with white L shaped couch

As the temperatures reach the 80s and 90s, we can all appreciate a quick dip in the pool or some time on the beach swimming in the waves. But as soon as the humidity hits, we find ourselves either staying in the water or staying indoors.

It’s no secret that when the humidity takes over your vacation rental, bad odors set in. So here is a list of proactive steps to take, whether you’re vacationing for a week, month, or the entire summer, to keep that heavy, musty feel out.

Ventilation is Key

Wherever there is unavoidable moisture inside your vacation rentals, such as from kitchen or bathroom steam, turn on the vent fans and keep the air moving.

Take Shorter Showers

Obviously, pouring water and moisture into the air is not ideal, but who needs a long, hot shower while you’re at the beach? Make it cool and make it quick to control humidity levels.

Increase Indoor Temps

In this case, air conditioning is not your friend! It’s nice to walk into a cool house or condo after spending the day out in the hot sun, but keep in mind how cool your temperatures are set. Relative humidity will decrease as the temperature increases, and the difference in the indoor and outdoor temperatures plays a large role in the level of moisture within your home. Shutting off the air conditioning altogether is not the solution–running the AC actually helps decrease humidity. Just don’t overdo it.

Keep the fog off your windows, and the smell of mildew out of your vacation home!