How to Keep Your Vacation Rental Booked All Year

Beach Vacation House

As summer comes to a close, our beach town of Ocean City, MD, and nearby towns in Worcester County become a bit quieter. You might think that there will be no more rentals for your vacation property until next summer, but at Hileman Real Estate, we know how to keep your vacation rental booked all year long!

Whether you’re experienced at owning a rental property or still learning the ropes, there is always room to improve your listing and achieve bookings year round. Check out 5 of our best tips for making your vacation rental attractive to renters even when it’s not the peak season.

5 Ways to Increase Off-Season Vacation Rentals

  1. Keep Your Listings Up to Date
    Maybe your listing is geared towards the summer beach lover who’s looking for a getaway. Keep your listing up to date with reasons to visit the area during that time of year, not just the peak season. Whether it’s local events, attractions that are still open, or a list of things to do any time of year in town, present your place as the perfect spot for traveling during that time.
  2.  Make Your Property Self Sufficient
    Your property can BE the destination! Deck out your vacation rental with activities for people to enjoy while just staying at the property. You don’t have to rely on the entertainment in town when you can be the entertainment in town. Invest in a pool table, air hockey, a smart TV with premium subscriptions, or a hot tub—you name it!
  3.  Adjust Your Rates
    It’s the rule of supply and demand. With higher demand, prices go up. With lower demand and the same supply, prices go down. It’s not realistic to charge in-season prices during the off-season. Use appropriate rate strategies by lowering the price enough for it to be a deal, but not too low to undervalue the service you’re offering.
  4. Change Booking RequirementsBeing flexible is always beneficial for those who are looking to rent. During the peak seasons, you might have a longer minimum stay requirement for efficiency, but during the off-season, you should relax those requirements. Try offering a lower minimum stay or extended stays for people looking to be there long term. A flexible cancellation policy can also help instill trust in potential renters.
  5. List Your Property With Hileman Real Estate
    Looking for the best way to manage your rental property in any season? Contact Hileman Real Estate! We manage hundreds of homes and condominiums in our nearby area, also offering an excellent year-round Rental Management program dedicated to those owners and investors that are looking for rental income without the headaches. We’ll take care of all the details!

What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to get your vacation rental listing set up with Hileman Real Estate and start making a year-round income. Contact us today for more information.