Eliminate Reservations About Your Reservation

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9 questions to ask yourself before booking a rental property 

Make summer 2018 one for the books and dive into the details of your dream destination! Don’t let unanswered questions determine the fate of your summer vacation. Consider these 9 questions before you book.

  1. What is the size of the property?

This is a question every prospective renter asks when searching for the perfect vacation accommodation. And yes, size is an important factor to consider when booking a rental property, but be sure to also consider the following:

  • How many people will this listing accommodate?
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms?
  • Is the listing an apartment, condo, or house?
  1. Is the listing in my price range?

Affordability is often the first consideration when booking, so it’s important to understand the final price of a reservation, including taxes and fees. Our total costs are completely transparent and include the rent, an administrative fee, a damage waiver, and sales tax. Guests traveling with pets pay an additional pet fee.

  1. What’s the location?

In Ocean City, location means everything. Consider the following:

  • Is your potential property oceanfront or bayside?
  • Is the listing in a residential neighborhood, or is it more city central?
  • Is it uptown or downtown Ocean City? Or, is it in West Ocean City, Ocean Pines, or Berlin?
  • What attractions are nearby?
  • Will noise levels be a factor to consider?
  • What’s open around town? For off-season rentals, you might be surprised to learn that many popular attractions, restaurants, and stores are closed or run limited hours during the winter season. Consider this before it’s too late to change your date.
  1. What amenities does this listing include?

Who doesn’t love amenities and unexpected extras? Amenities are the cherries on top of a perfect vacation Sunday. Don’t be shy to inquire about the added bonuses of a rental property. Bonus amenities to consider can include DVD players, elevators, internet access, linens and paper products provided, and pools/porches/balconies. All in all, the more amenities available, the less you’ll have to pack!

  1. What is the property’s parking like?

Before clicking the “Book” button and hitting the road it’s important to know the type of parking your potential vacation property offers. Find out how many cars you can bring and whether there are fees for parking passes. Also, know if the parking is gated or guarded. Whether it’s a street, lot, or garage, be sure to know before you go.

  1. What is the key/check-in situation?

While this might seem like a no-brainer, surprisingly enough, keys and check-in times are significant booking details that often get overlooked. Travel smart — know how you’ll pick up your keys and what the instructions are for checking in after office hours. If you’re traveling with a large group, you might want to request extra keys.

  1. Does the property meet special needs like pet-friendliness or handicap accessibility?

Book with your best foot forward and know if these factors will make or break your stay. Find out whether the listing is pet-friendly, and if so, whether there’s an extra charge for pets. If mobility is an issue, confirm that both the unit itself and the building are accessible.

  1. What is the cancellation policy?

Ask what happens to your advance payments in the event you must cancel your trip. Also inquire about travel insurance, which can reimburse money not refunded to you for a canceled reservation.

  1. Who is the primary contact for maintenance issues and emergencies?

Keep peace of mind 100% of the time and inquire about the property’s primary contact upon booking. Find out what to do if something breaks, you get locked out of your unit, or you experience a maintenance problem like a clogged toilet, plumbing leak, or appliance malfunction.

By asking yourself these 9 crucial questions, you can help a stress-free vacation rental experience. So get looking and confidently book the vacation of your dreams with Hileman Real Estate today!